1. Watch a little boy’s Christmas wish come true in the sweetest, geekiest video of this holiday season - His Very Own Spider-Man can be viewed starting today on YouTube.

    In Toronto, Funky Spider-Man is known for talking trash and trading jabs with Toronto Batman in The Sean Ward Show’s series of millions-viewed viral videos covered by strombo.comG4TVCTV News, and many more.  

    This week, the Converse-sporting do-gooder is a surprise early gift for Kieran, age 3, who told his Dad that he wanted “Spider-Man” for Christmas.  Santa leads the boy downstairs to a huge package under the tree.  The rest is magic that channel subscribers are calling “the greatest” and “the most adorable thing ever”.  

    Together, Spider-Man and Kieran visit Toronto’s Comic Book Lounge & Gallery where Kieran “shows (Spider-Man) his moves.”

    "Kieran’s Dad is a very old friend of mine. It was important for me to do this for his family.  And for the fans who have given us such a huge year, it was important that we share the moment with them", says the video’s creator, Sean Ward.

    The overwhelming reaction to this video caps an incredible week in which Spider-Man VS Batman in Toronto hit the 3 million views milestone and Ward’s previous viral video, Batman’s Night Out, appeared on several Best-of-2012 lists.

    His Very Own Spider-Man is now showing at youtube.com/theSeanWardShow [or direct link].

    UPDATE: This video has taken off and the viewcount is growing exponentially as I type this!  Here is a round-up of press clippings about this video:

    • Boing Boing
    • AndPOP
    • Laughing Squid
    • Huffington Post
    • ABC News did a piece on it.  I haven’t seen it yet but the congratulations came pouring in when certain friends of mine in the United States wrote to congratulate me after seeing my YouTube channel credited.
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