The real-life comic book rumble that the world has been waiting for all week is finally here - Spider-Man VS Batman in Toronto can be viewed starting today on Youtube.

    Batman and Spider-Man faced off in the streets of Toronto on Monday night. A passer-by’s clip of the duo talking smack on the subway made CBCHuffington Post, and the front page of Yahoo News on Wednesday.

    Thursday, CTV News and io9 reported that the scene was leaked from the production of the next Toronto Batman video by Sean Ward - this is the duo that created Batman’s Night Out which went viral in February and has been viewed nearly 2 million times.  

    Now, Toronto Batman is joined by TO Spider-Man and they take the fight all over downtown Toronto. “You thought what you saw on the subway was awesome, but they were just getting started”, says filmmaker Sean Ward who captured the action for the latest edition of his Youtube series.  

    The full video, released today, features an all-out brawl spilled across Dundas Square, Pizza Pizza, the TTC, and Queen Street.  Allegedly, the fight is over whose movie is going to be a bigger hit.

    Spider-Man VS Batman in Toronto is now showing at youtube.com/TheSeanWardShow [or direct link].

    UPDATE: The video was a huge hit, featured on a whole bunch of websites and blogs including…

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    spiderman is a dick..and why was batman acting like such a pussy?
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    Toronto Batman returns with a friend!
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    My generation is full of obnoxious and awesome. I’m not sure whether to be embarrassed or insanely pleased.
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    fucking fun AS FUCK
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    Spider-Man vs Batman Have Epic Battle in Toronto
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