1. No one is more excited than Deadpool to hear the news about the Deadpool movie coming in February 2016. He was so excited he hit the streets to celebrate, and thank his fans for making it happen. The new video is blowing up the spot! Watch it now at YouTube.com/TheSeanWardShow


  2. So many videos, so little time….


  3. Deadpool’s about to take a victory lap! Watch tomorrow on YouTube.com/theSeanWardShow


  4. Another awesome photo from the epic meeting of Spidey and Lady Deadpool. Our superhero meet-up and battle videos are millions of views strong and this was an epic shoot! Can’t wait for u to see it in a few weeks! Starring @durham_spidey and @makenziesmith


  5. If u missed Lady Deadpool trying to learn how to do everything a spider can on the streets of Toronto last weekend, don’t worry - I happened to be around to get it all on camera! Coming soon to The Sean Ward Show - YouTube.com/TheSeanWardShow


  6. Rogue, Stan Lee, and Gambit from Toronto’s Team Marvel for the Terry Fox run!


  7. Venom’s Saturday night is looking a little more action packed! Check out the new video SPIDER-MAN VS VENOM on my YouTube channel! YouTube.com/TheSeanWardShow starring @durham_spidey and @melf_crew


  8. #TBT my first appearance at #FanExpo in 2005, before it was even called Fan Expo! Back then it was the Comics And Collectibles Expo or something and was less than half the size it is today.


  9. That time I unwittingly crashed David Adelman’s interview with Matthew Santoro at ViralCon…


  10. After posting the first episode, I discovered that the #AskSean is already used by all kinds of different people, including Fox News bobble-head Sean Hannity.  So going forward, the hashtag for my Ask series is #askSW

    So #askSW your questions this weekend for volume 2, coming on Monday! ┬áHere’s episode 1 to get you in the mood.

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