1. HAPPY BATMAN DAY! Watch Batman’s surprise for his big day courtesy of Joker and Harley Quinn - YouTube.com/TheSeanWardShow


  2. Batman, Joker, and Harley on set for the next video…


  3. Batman wants to play Cards Against Humanity #toronto #filming #youtube


  4. Yesterday at the Science Center for #SoRR industry night


  5. Back at YouTube for a really productive session. Met soany awesome channel creators! @google @youtube


  6. Today: Spider-Man vs The Joker on YouTube.com/TheSeanWardShow


  7. BREAKING: Joker loose in New York. Spider-Man in pursuit. Video tomorrow at YouTube.com/TheSeanWardShow


  8. This isn’t even all of my Spider-Mans.


  9. Tip-toeing towards 40,000 subscribers and 21 million views…

    I wanna get to 100,000 subscribers!


  10. Part 3 of the names of people whose questions were answered in this week’s #AskSean video. The grand finale!

    Watch at youtube.com/TheSeanWardShow