1. Tip-toeing towards 40,000 subscribers and 21 million views…

    I wanna get to 100,000 subscribers!


  2. Part 3 of the names of people whose questions were answered in this week’s #AskSean video. The grand finale!

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  3. Part 2 of the names of people who got their questions answered in this week’s new #AskSean video…


  4. Part one of the names of the people whose questions made it into the #AskSean video.  


  5. Me, Joe Quesada, and cartoon Ringo Starr in 2005 #tbt


  6. This week it’s VIEWER Q&A on The Sean Ward Show.  Ask me about anything you want from YouTube to comics to art to success to philosophy to advice to you name it!

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    I’m looking very forward to your questions!


  7. From my latest Art & Animation video, check out Composite Man!  This is my rendition of a moment in the history of Batman & Superman’s friendship and rivalry in the comics.  Watch me illustrate their whole history going back to 1940!

    Watch the video right here

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  8. My new Art & Animation video is going live today and as promised, here’s a little preview.  I’m taking you through the whole history of Superman & Batman’s friendship and rivalry in the comics over the last 70+ years.

    Watch the video and let me know which is your favorite Superman/Batman moment.  You might get a Shout Out in the next video!

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  9. The L.C.B.O. has its own rap anthem!!  The LCBO rap song is here.

    This song is a collaboration between Sean Ward, SidePonyNation, and Whyte Wyne.  The beat was created by GM3 out of Florida.  I came up with the hook and the choreography, and the song was produced by me and Ly from SidePonyNation.  

    The L.C.B.O. song was released during the Victoria Day long weekend (referred to as “May Two-Four weekend” by locals) and has just started trending after features on BlogTO and Newstalk 1010 radio.

    Thanks to everyone for watching and spreading the word!


  10. The Sean Ward Show circa 2008